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The Factors that Make Up a Pool’s Chemistry

If you are considering buying your own pool, you have probably heard about pool chemistry before. Ultimately, as a pool owner, your most important job will be maintaining the right chemistry in your pool’s water. While you don’t need to be a chemistry expert to understand what pool chemistry is all about, it is important to know the basic information that will help you keep your pool’s water safe and clean.

Maintaining a balanced chemistry in your pool water will ensure that the pool is properly sanitized and the water is crystal clear for swimmers. The three chemical factors that you should know include:

1. pH Level, which refers to the acidity in your pool

2. Alkalinity, which regulates the factors that affect pH levels

3. Calcium hardness, which helps keep the water clean

In addition to knowing the basics about these three chemicals, pool owners should also research the different sanitation agents that are most effective for killing bacteria. To learn more, see this guide to pool chemistry to understand the ways that you can optimize the safety and sanity of your pool.